The Constitution is all but DEAD!

No more protesting, say goodbye to your 1st Amendment rights!

I don’t like long drawn out blog posts, so I’ll keep this short.

H.R. 347 has passed the House and Senate and is now awaiting President Obama’s signature to be made law.  Here is the problem, the law ELIMINATES the 1st Amendment!

In short, H.R. 347 prohibits anyone from protesting an individual under Secret Service protection, whether it be the President, the Vice President, dignitaries, candidates, etc.  It prohibits protests at the White House for example.  This is very problematic!

Since when are you as an American citizen denied your right to voice your opinion, your anger, your disapproval or just plain protest an individual and there actions, etc.  This IS NOT America anymore!  These are the types of laws that countries like China, Russia, Cuba and North Korea have.  This IS NOT the type of law that we have here in the United States, where the people have inherent rights given to us by God and documented by the founders, to speak out free from persecution and or prosecution.

People, you really need to WAKE UP!  They are systematically destroying the United States Constitution step by step as “We the People” remain and are complacent.  How long will we, will you, will I remain complacent?  What will be the “Line in the sand” for you?  Where do you / we draw the line?  When do you / we act?  I wonder where the breaking point is for the average American?

I can only speak for myself and I am only one man, but I’m near of at my breaking point!

Take a moment to watch this “Reality Check” by Ben Swann.  He is a local news reporter who actually reports the news truthfully and as fair and balanced as it gets.

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Super Tuesday Proves Only One Thing …

Head in the Sand

This explains the American Public at Large


Yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” proves only one thing … The American voting public have their head in the sand!  They are Deaf, Dumb and Blind!  The principles of Liberty and Freedom are lost on most of the public at large.  They have been dosed by the MSM (Including Fox News) to believe that Mitt Romney and to a lesser extent, Rick Santorum should be the Republican nominee.  Since the majority of the voting public doesn’t pay attention to these candidates, with exception for their possible nightly dose from the MSM, they have a limited understanding of each and absorb like a sponge the MSM’s propaganda as if it were the gospel.

I have lost faith in the majority of the voting public!  Not because their respective vote has disagreed with mine, but because they don’t think for themselves, but rather operate on the regurgitated propaganda from the MSM and are clueless to this effect!

If you really believe in this country, in our Constitution and in the principles of Freedom and Liberty, then there is no way in hell you could vote / support Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Barrack Hussein Obama!

We as a country are a hand grenade with the pin pulled!  It’s now just a matter of time before the grenade goes BANG!

Keep grazing sheep, don’t look up and pay no attention to the slaughter house you’re grazing next too!

There is no stopping it!

There is no stopping the explosive future in the Middle East with respect to the conflict between Israel, Iran and the United States.  Israel will attack Iran, but when?  It would appear sometime soon during this spring.  As I write this, Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with President Obama to discuss the Iranian nuclear situation.  Israel needs or wants the United States support in this action, but will take action on its own if necessary.  The backlash of such an attack will, in my opinion, be the start of WWIII with Russia and China as allies of Iran.  While I don’t believe there will be direct military intervention or retaliation by Russia or China against an attack on Iran, I do believe they won’t condone it either.  They, Russia and China, rely on Iran for oil and trade and there is no “Love loss” for Israel and United States when it comes to Russia and China.  While I don’t blame Israel for taking whatever action it needs to defend the sovereignty of their nation, the fact remains that there will be “Blowback” from Israel attacking Iran and the “Blowback” will not just effect Israel, but all of the western nations as far as the Middle East is concerned.  An attack on Iran by Israel and or the United States will be the trigger for a united Islamic State, a Caliphate.  They, the Islamist will put their respective differences aside to unite against the West.  This is and will be a “Holy War” against the Jews and the Infidels of the United States, Great Britain and every other non Islamic country around the world.