This video is VERY GRAPHIC and hard to watch, but this is REALITY of what is happening as a result of the U.S. lead war in Iraq and the consequent “Power Vacuum” created as the U.S. withdrew from Iraq.

We have been doing this type of shit for decades and the “THIS” is why they hate us!  They don’t hate us because of our freedom and liberty or because we ar the richest nation on earth … Oh no.  They hate us because we overthrow governments, we impose strict and crippling sanctions on a governments which in turn hurt the people, we bomb sovereign nations, we invade and occupy sovereign nations, we patrol the streets of sovereign nations and basically destroy, make, kill and terrorize the peoples of said nations and then when we leave … Well, we leave a “Power Vacuum” to be filled by the very same assholes we were supposedly fighting in the first place.

Now those very same assholes are killing anyone and everyone they suspect aided the U.S. / NATO, worked with the U.S. / NATO, trained with the U.S. / NATO, etc.  They are killing them all!

USA, USA, USA!  Fucking “Team America” here to save the motherfucking day, yea!