Mainstream media ignores civilian casualties in Ukraine & doesn’t verify videos

This was originally posted on May 29, 2014.  You won’t see or hear any of this on the MSM (Lame Stream Media).  This whole situation is horrible, we (The United States) caused it / started it and now in the “Power Vacuum” we created a “Civil War!”

Jen Psaki grilled about white phosphorous shelling in E.Ukraine. “By Russia?” -she asks.

This is important, because we are supporting the “New” Ukrainian government.  Remember, we created this entire Ukrainian crisis and are trying desperately to make the Russians the “Bad Guy” in all of this.  But NO!  It wasn’t the Russians using “White Phosphorous Incendiary Bombs” … No, no, no, but the U.S. / E.U. / NATO backed Ukrainian government and its military against its own citizens!

Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Intercepted Off California Coast

Here is another article referencing the 4 Russian long range strategic bombers that flew near Alaska and within 50 miles of California.  While they maybe on “Exercises,” there is no doubt that this is a direct response to the United States sending B-52 and B-2 bombers to Europe (England) for “Exercises” while tensions mount in Ukraine.

This is just another example of world leaders giving each other an Urology exam to see who has the larger testis!  Meanwhile we are caught in the middle of their geopolitical chess game.  Barrack Obama IS NOT the person you want playing chess against Vladimir Putin … My money is on Putin!

You can read more about this “Exercise” here!

Russian TU 95 Bear H 02

Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast

So it seems okay for the United States to send B-52 and B-2 (Stealth) Bombers to Europe amidst the Ukrainian crisis (That we, the United States started), but God forbid the Russians counter with an act of provocation of their own.  We are so arrogant it makes me sick!  Please read this short article.


Russia Holds “Baltic Drills” Alongside NATO “Sabre Strike War Games”

As tensions mount between the East (Russia) and the West (The United States and E.U.) over Ukraine, both sides maneuver their respective “Chess Pieces” on the board that is Ukraine and the Baltic States.

NATO’s decision to conduct dual war games next to Russian borders in the Baltic has not been left unaddressed by Russia’s Defense Ministry, which prepared a surprise training of first strike forces — marines, paratroopers and long-range bombers – right in the backyard of the NATO military maneuvers.  Read more here!