Putin on notice: Two U.S. stealth bombers head to Europe for first time amid tension

I have already posted on this a day or two ago.  We started and are supporting the escalation of the Ukrainian Crisis on behalf of the E.U. and the IMF towards the goal of Ukraine joining the failing E.U. so that austerity measures can be placed upon the peoples of Ukraine and so the E.U. and IMF can suck that country dry of its wealth and resources.  Only Russia and Putin stand in the way.  With the rising tensions over the Ukraine, the United States keeps adding fuel to the already raging fire by sending to Europe (England) B-52 and B-2 Bombers of which were designed to drop or launch nuclear missiles / bombs.  The United States has sent these bombers to England under the guise of conducting “Exercises” which is “Code” the Super Powers use to announce the movement of their Chess pieces on the board.  Please start paying attention to this situation, because you maybe watching the beginnings of WWIII.  Find out more here!

B2 Bomber Refueling

Ukraine Govt Ready to Declare Martial Law in East

Is it hard to believe that the United States government, the E.U., the IMF and the CIA are behind the entire Ukraine DISASTER?  Well, you better believe it and now it has and is turning into a full scale war or at least a civil war for now, but wait … The United States has sent B-52 and B-2 Bombers to England for “Exercises” or maybe, just maybe to flex their muscles in the face of Vladimir Putin.  The whole Ukraine thing is a complete and utter foreign policy DISASTER of MEGA proportions and could lead to a much worse conflict … Dare I say WWIII?  Read more about it here.