For Those Who Advocate Government

If one advocates government, then one must ask themselves who owns YOU? Do YOU need to be ruled or governed? Is YOUR moral compass so that you need somebody to tell you what is right and what is wrong and have someone else enforce those moral boundaries for and upon you? If not, then is your endorsement for statism based on your desire to impose your moral belief system onto others and to elect bureaucratic tyrants and to hire thugs to enforce your moral boundaries on to your fellow man? Is it your belief that it is okay to elect tyrannical bureaucrats to steal from your fellow man to support the enforcement of your beliefs onto others who may or may not agree with you? This can be applied to many issues like the “War on Drugs” or just “War” in general, but you get the picture. I don’t want to “Force” my will or beliefs onto anyone and vice versa. I want to be left alone by everyone except those I voluntarily choose to associate with and this is especially true for government. I want my property rights and freedom to do what I what so long as I don’t hurt anyone else or their property. It’s called freedom and liberty. I don’t need government or their enforcers to tell me what I can and cannot do when I live out my life as the Golden Rule dictates and as anarchism / voluntarism dictates the “Non Aggression Principle”.