Natural Rights Coexistence – Author Unknown

If there is one thing we should learn from nature and hold above all else, it is this: 

Interfering with natural processes creates a host of unintended and almost universally negative consequences that cannot be readily mitigated, thus necessitating an eternal cycle of tinkering to maintain. When you disrupt the course of innately peaceful behavioral mechanisms in sentient beings, you have compromised the results in such a way that despoils the inherent integrity of the outcome. Uniformity is not a virtue. It is an egregious transgression against the texture of life. It cheapens our very essence to believe that we require ubiquitous external adjustments, whether minute or mighty in their effect, in order to navigate our journey to its preferred conclusion. 

We each inhabit but one existence, one sphere of intentional will and agency in which we have the utter right to exercise our own quest for meaning. Trespassing forcefully into the sphere of another is the only action we should hold to be immoral as a whole. 

The practice of exalting some individuals to rule others, through the threat of violent action, can only result in spiritual squalor. It is discordant to the foundational structure of the human soul. How could we possibly believe that any individual is complete enough to qualify as an authoritative guide to another? This is madness. 

It is time for humanity to evolve beyond the concept of governance. Be that which you wish to perpetuate, rather than engaging the monolithic might of the mob to serve your vision. Feed the energy of goodwill into your own environment, rather than complacently expecting others to do it on your behalf. This is the only harmonious path forward for humankind.